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ST Brands Corp is a holding company of branded assets that create, develop, market, and sell unique and proprietary cannabidiol (“CBD”) products to various segments of the global consumer market.

We apply our financial, operational, branding resource infrastructure to deliver turnkey business services and achieve economies of scale in sourcing, production, packaging and sales.

The Company seeks to acquire scalable cannabis companies with the potential to become sector leaders in the legal cannabis market. We provide growth capital and expert professional oversight in exchange for stock in their company.

Brands are selected for strong unique selling propositions, strategic value to other portfolio companies, and potential for ST Brands’ services to enhance cashflow and/or the equity value of the asset.

Products are sold through a number of channels, including wholesale to retailers, online direct-to-consumer, and white labeling for branded resellers.ST Brands provides its collection of brands and global resources in market research, brand creation and design, supply chain management with GMP and ISO materials, digital marketing and promotion, all with the intention of improving cost efficiency, expediting time to market and maximizing growth in each market.

The Company seeks to capitalize on the scaling challenges facing the individual CBD consumer products with solutions to issues including global branding obstacles, supply chain fragmentation, traceability, and compliance, among others.